December Training
Human Trafficking is a global problem that affects millions of children and families. This month we will be doing the training on Sex Trafficking. Watch these videos, in order, and listen to these woman's stories, then answer the questions. The last video is not on trafficking. This story was about a girl who was kidnapped and escaped. It was interesting, so I wanted to share. Who knows, it could have ended in her being trafficked if she hadn't got away. (Total Watch Time is 35 minutes)

This training will count for 1 hour of state-mandated training hours needed for advocates.

Understanding Human Trafficking in Wyoming- The Law, The Landscape, and What to look for. This is just for your information if you'd like to watch this webinar for some good information.

Name *
What is the difference between sex trafficking and prostitution? *
After watching these videos, is this what you had in mind for what "Human Trafficking" was. Please Explain your answer. *
Why do you think Chelsie Lancaster fell into finding her second trafficker, again, on an online dating app *
In the video, Sex Trafficking Is ‘Everywhere,’ Says Man Who Paid For Sex Dozens Of Times, the mentioned what the average, buyer's race and age? *
I've learned so much from these videos about trafficking. Did you ever think they would go after family members if they escaped. Please explain your answer. *
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