BTSJC Spanish Internship Application
Thank you for your interest in serving a Spanish Translation and Interpreting Intern for BT this year! Our greater Breakthrough community is made up of a diverse group of language-speakers, many of which speak Spanish as their primary language. It is so important that Breakthrough is able to reach all members of our community, and thus, we need to make sure that we are communicating in Spanish as well as in English.

I am committed to building my own Spanish skills, but am still learning, and that’s where you all come into play. Breakthrough Spanish Translation and Interpreting Interns will help with everything from translating written communications, such as letters, flyers, emails, texts, etc., to interpreting and translating orally, such as helping with calls to families, translating at Breakthrough events, to name a few.

Please complete this application by Friday, 9/13. If you have any questions, contact Sam directly at 336-972-7654.
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