Tips / Suspicious Activity Reports
If you would like to provide information about any suspicious activity or suspected criminal activity, please submit the information here. This includes information on current or past criminal activity.

Examples of suspicious and/or criminal activity include, but are not limited to:

Suspicious Inquiries / Questions Surveillance
Arson Bomb / Explosives Threats
Burglary Robbery / Larceny / Theft
Child Endangerment / Abuse Human Trafficking / Smuggling / Prostitution
Cyber Crimes Embezzlement
Drug Violations Murder / Homicide
Fraud Trespassing
Threats (Building, Facility, Event, Other) Gangs (Street Gangs, Prison Gangs, etc.)

Your information will be reviewed by a Special Agent and/or a professional staff member. Due to the high volume of information that we receive, we are unable to reply to every submission; however, we appreciate the information that you have provided.

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Do you know the people and/or groups involved?
Any information is helpful (name, sex, age/date of birth, hair color, eye color, tattoo and other marks and scars, mannerisms, speech, etc.)
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Do you know the vehicles involved?
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