Application for Systematic Review Team
In 2011 the MLA Research Section's Research Agenda Committee conducted a Delphi study in order to identify the most important research questions facing health sciences librarianship. The full article can be found here: At this point we seek to coordinate the execution of systematic reviews of the literature on the state of knowledge and previous research on those questions. We are looking for volunteers to serve on teams to do this. If you are interest please specify below. Each team will also be assigned a liaison from the Research Agenda Committee.
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Take time to consider: On which of the following questions from the Research Agenda would you like to contribute to a systematic review of the literature?
You may choose up to three but will only be assigned to one. Assignments will be based on these selections. They are unedited from their original submission.
Have you worked on a systematic review team before?
Have you published research before?
Are you willing to be the team leader for your assigned project?
Please provide some information on why you wish to work on this project, your commitment to the project as well as an indication of support from your institution in terms of your ability to complete this work?
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