Roll Camera! Retailer Verification
Hello friendly retailer! Thanks for your interest in Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Board Game.

This form is the first step toward getting your order in. Please fill it out completely and we'll be in touch.

This form is NOT intended for group purchases - you MUST be able to prove you're a legitimate retailer. You can be brick-and-mortar or online, but you must have a registered business and a verifiable history of sales. This is so that we can be sure there aren't groups of random people pile driving on this discount which is meant to help out shops!

You do not have to pledge the full amount of the order, but please do submit the $10 pledge as a deposit. This amount will be credited against your final order in the pledge manager after the campaign.

We are offering retail copies for 50% off the pledge amount, with a minimum of 6 copies (1 carton), and additional discounts for each additional carton you order.

If you've been verified, in the pledge manager (CrowdOx) after the campaign you'll get access to the special bulk pricing and shipping information. All orders must be confirmed before the pledge manager closes, and payment is due before we start manufacturing. I'm running on narrow margins here, and I need to know exactly how many games to print, since we do not currently plan to go into mass distribution with this game (although that *might* change).

This pledge amount is subject to the terms at the end of this form.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at!


- Malachi Ray Rempen, Keen Bean Studio
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