Assessment Practices (Pre)
I plan to include one or more of the following in grades: effort, participation, tardiness, attendance, and/or adherence to class rules.
I plan to reduce points/marks on work submitted late.
I plan to give bonus points for extra credit.
I plan to include zeros for missing work in grades.
I plan to communicate feedback on assessments by providing a single letter grade
I plan to provide detailed comments to students about strengths and weaknesses in their work.
I plan to include performance on homework into final grades.
I plan to allow students to redo assessments without penalty if they have not done well.
I plan to allow new evidence to replace, not simply be added to old evidence.
The ONLY purpose for grades/marks should be to communicate student learning as of a point in time.
One should NEVER include group scores in grades for individual students.
There should be a limit to the number of students who receive marks/grades of A.
Assessments and marks/grades should demonstrate how well students are doing relative to one another.
It's most accurate to base grades on the mean (average) score rather than the median (middle) or mode (most frequent) score.
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