Restore Freedom Circulator Re-application. ONLY use this form if you submitted an Original Circulator Application in June 2020. (If you did NOT, then you MUST fill out the New Circulator Application instead of this one.)
Please verify the following information to remain a petition circulator with the Restore Freedom Initiative.
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In order for us to communicate with you about updates and information for this petition, we will need to share your name, email, and phone number with your regional captain and other core RFI team members. *
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Petition sheets may NOT be shared with circulators that have NOT been trained by Restore Freedom Initiative. *
You MUST witness the individuals physically signing the petitions. *
The second page of the petition MUST be touching the signature page of the petition when a voter signs it. That ensures they have the opportunity to read the entire amendment, if they want to do so. *
A circulator must contact a regional captain to pick up petitions. If there is a communication issue, circulators may contact the Captain Coordinators for assistance. *
Petitions MUST be returned to 7194 Michael Drive by November 13th. We are NOT sending or receiving petitions by US Mail. When I have petition sheets completed, I will *
With the large amount of confusion and questions regarding the various petitions, we want to ensure our circulators know the nuances to circulating this petition. *
Has your addressed changed since you became a circulator? *
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