Hold My Membership
*To place your membership on hold, you will be charged a one time $20 fee.
*Form must be completed 10 days prior to your membership charge date in order for the change to occur for the month. (a minimum of 10 days notice is required)
*You will receive an email before the hold, or when the hold is processed.
*Your membership can be on hold for up to 2 months per year.
*All hold periods will be set up for 1 months unless otherwise requested.
*Dues payments automatically resume at the end of the hold period. We do not send notification prior to the payments resuming. It is imperative that you stay on top of your membership status with lakelanier@fit4mom.com if you have any questions about the duration of your hold.
*To return prior to your hold period ending, email lakelanier@fit4mom.com with your exact date of return to class. This will be the first day that your dues payments resume. It can be on any day of the month and the dues will be pro-rated.
*To extend your hold period, you can email lakelanier@fit4mom.com 10 days prior to your dues payments being scheduled to resume so that we can adjust your hold period before your dues payment happens.
*To attend classes while your membership is on hold, you can pay the rate of $20/class. Just let your instructor know at sign in.
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If you are not completely satisfied with our program, please let us know how we can improve upon it.
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