MoCo EmpowHER Womxn in Comedy RSVP
Please fill out this form if you are able to attend MoCo EmpowHER's Womxn in Comedy meeting on November 21st from 6:00-8:00 pm on the online video meeting platform Zoom! This event is open to ALL middle and high school students of all gender identities.

Hear from Washington, D.C.-area femxle comedians as they explain their experience as a womxn in comedy and tackle the stereotype that “womxn aren’t funny”. Panelists will include MoCo alumni Lily Du, an ex-cast member of CollegeHumor, D.C. comedian Jennifer Amo, and more!

We will also be providing a FREE comedic improvisation class from the Washington Improv Theater! If you'd like to try out your comedy skills or just give improv a taste, this is the perfect opportunity to do so and receive guidance, free of charge. In order to participate, you must consent to be part of the RECORDED Zoom meeting and potentially being in images taken of the workshop segment. You may provide consent at the end of the form - this is similar to a Media Release Form.

Please provide us with your PERSONAL email address so we can send you specific information about the event, including the zoom link and password. For more information about MoCo EmpowHER, please visit or follow us on Instagram and Twitter @mocoempowher.
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