2019 Dec 19th ~ Mexico Christmas Trip Orphanage ~ Online Registration Form
We'll be carpooling from various park-and-ride lots in North San Diego County for Orfanatorio Emmanuel in Tijuana, Mexico, and we'll return across the border before dark. We'll be blessing the children at the orphanage by sharing God's love in Word and deed and to give each child a gift for Christmas! We'll be spending the day doing fun activities with the children, cleaning, and various projects around the orphanage. If you have any questions, please email trips@ReachingtheHungry.org or call our office at (760) 523-0777. Space is limited.
*** Early Registration is $35 before Nov 28th (Thanksgiving) after it's $50 ***

Please take a few minutes to complete this form and submit your trip fee to join us on this mini-mission's trip to Mexico. You will get a confirmation email with detailed info on transportation and trip details. Your information will be directed to the leader of the areas you are interested in serving. EACH PERSON must individually register.

If your ministry will be paying for your trip fee, please note that in the comments below and state the name of the person that will be responsible for your fees. Thank you!

Registration fees have been kept at a minimum, so everyone can participate. Please don't let the fee keep you from doing what God may want you to do, please call us. We may have family discounts! If you are able, please donate extra to help with the cost. The registration fees rarely cover the expenses.

Our GOAL is to bring all the children gifts for Christmas!
We will be visiting Orfanatorio Emmanuel in Tijuana, Mexico.

THURSDAY, Dec 19th - We will leave North San Diego County by 7am and will cross the Mexico Border by 8:15am. We will stop by MacDonald's for restroom break before crossing. If you are interested in getting something to eat you can at this time.

We will leave the orphanage and be back to the U.S. Border before dark.

If you have any questions, please email trips@ReachingtheHungry.org or call our office at (760) 523-0777 (www.ReachingtheHungry.org).

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