FEM-START Award 2020 Ghana
Our annual Startup Award for female entrepreneurs offers promising startups the opportunity to pitch their company in front of a jury of experts, investors, advisors, and members of the press. The winner will receive expert advice from professionals for a year, have the chance to meet a myriad of potential investors and enjoy a business trip to the Netherlands. Entrepreneurial women who have been working for at least a year on bringing their business idea to fruition can apply up until January

Criteria for the startups:
World improving idea with a sustainable impact on the target group
Scalable business
A clear financial business model
Clear marketing model to grow from startup to scale-up
Can show traction, the idea is already in the market
You have an online presence, website, instagram or facebook
At least one female founder who should pitch
At least one year and a maximum of three years since you started setting up your company
Ghanaian based business
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If you are founded longer than 3 years ago, you are not eligible for the Startup Award.
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We did not include "1. Ideation stage" since we only accept applications from startups that already can show some traction.
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Please describe – in short -- why you should win the FEM-START Award 2020. Your response should include the following 3 points 1)Please tell us what’s unique about your idea; specifically, what makes your project stand out?, 2) what’s your plan for bringing your idea to life? 3) Why do you need the support of FemStart Africa ? After our first-round of selections, we will request more information, providing you the opportunity to share further details about your idea.
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