Alumni SurveyAssessment of Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
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2. Year of Attainment of degree
3. Professional Development: 3.1 Are you pursuing any Higher Education?
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3.2 Are you a member of any professional Organization?
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The program outcomes represent what the faculty believes a graduate of our B.Pharm program should possess at the time of graduation. We are seeking your assessment of the degree to which you feel these outcomes are achieved at the time of graduation. Please fill in the following Questionnaire to indicate your assessment of the level to which the program was successful in meeting the stated outcomes.
1. To what extent, your professional competence developed during graduation is helpful in pursing and successful completion of higher education?
2. How satisfactory are you with your professional career in pharmaceutical industry/institutes/health care system/marketing and government sectors?
3. How satisfactory are you about professionalism, ethical attitude, communication skills and team spirit?
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