NUMUS Northwest Submission - Deadline: 11/3/2017 at 5 PM
January 20, 2018, 9am-10pm
Cornish College of the Arts

NUMUS Northwest is a day-long event dedicated to the creation, performance, and experience of new music. We want to fill the day with workshops, panels, and performances from the Seattle new music community. Please submit your proposal for a session below. You may submit multiple proposals.

Not sure what to propose? Check out some examples here:

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Our deadline is 11/3/2017 at 5 PM Pacific. We will reach out to selected participants in mid-November, and announce a schedule in early December. Session participants will receive free admission to NUMUS Northwest. If you have questions about the process, email

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Your Session
Sessions can be performances, panels, workshops, or anything you think would be valuable to the Seattle new music community. Sessions will be approximately 1 hour long, so please plan to fill that much time. Pieces for performance may be any length, and may be programmed in the afternoon or evening concerts.
Session Title
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Session Type
Session Description
Tell us what will happen. If you're proposing a performance, tell us a little about the piece. If you're proposing a talk, what will it be about, and how will the listeners benefit? If you're proposing a workshop, what will the participants do? And most importantly, what will it be about? Please be specific.
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Session Participants
Please give names, and links to their website if possible. For example: John Cage,
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What technical support does your session require?
For example, a projector, a PA, or any kind of electronics. Providing your own equipment would be ideal. Elaborate technical set-ups might be difficult to program. If you don't need any tech support, write 'none'.
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Work Samples (for performance proposals)
If you are proposing a performance, please provide work samples that reflect what the performance will be like. We need functioning links to YouTube, SoundCloud, or similar services. Please avoid private or password protected media if at all possible. Samples of the work to be performed, and the people who will be performing will be the most helpful.
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