4-H Reopening Training Completion form
4-H YOUTH, PARENTS, & NON-VOLUNTEER ATTENDEES WHO PLAN TO ATTEND IN-PERSON 4-H EVENTS: Watch the video embedded below. Then fill out the rest of this form. This video is REQUIRED before you can attend a 4-H event or club meeting.

4-H VOLUNTEERS: Once you have been trained on Covid reopening protocols for 4-H via in-person or live Zoom training with 4-H Agent Laura Allen, please complete the form below (you do not have to watch the video included in this form). Volunteers MUST complete in-person/Zoom training with 4-H Agent Laura Allen before offering in-person 4-H club meetings or 4-H events.

Please fill out one form per person. The training and this completion form MUST be completed by 4-H'ers, volunteers, parents, or anyone who plans to attend an in-person 4-H event.
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Reopening Training Video for youth, parents, and non-volunteer attendees at 4-H Events. REQUIRED for anyone who attends 4-H events during Covid-19.
Please watch this entire video and then answer the questions below. This video is NOT FOR 4-H VOLUNTEERS....all 4-H Volunteers must complete a training with 4-H Agent Laura Allen before they can host a 4-H event.
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Which training did you complete? *
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Please answer the following questions regarding what you learned during the reopening training that you attended.
Before attending a 4-H event, anyone who plans to attend must: *
Taking attendee temperatures is a part of the check-in/registration process at all 4-H events during the Covid-19 pandemic. *
Which of the following are true about in-person 4-H events (check all that apply)? *
By filling out this form, I certify that I have attended the training on re-opening procedures, policies and guidelines conducted by Rowan County 4-H Agent Laura Allen, either virtually, in-person or via recorded video. *
Update since the video was recorded (for 4-H Summer Fun programs only):
We have strict rules on food/drink consumption. Youth CANNOT bring their food or drink to a 4-H event. However, we will have a designated snack break. For snacks to happen, we will take all youths outdoors and space them at least 8 feet apart. All youths will sanitize and an adult volunteer/staff member will provide each child with a bottle of water and a pre-packaged individually wrapped snack. Masks can be removed only to eat/drink during the designated outdoor time once everyone has their snack and is spaced apart. All youth will put masks back on and sanitize their hands before going back inside.
Thank you for completing the 4-H Reopening Training so that you can attend in-person 4-H events. You are expected to follow all provided rules and guidelines. Please realize that rules and guidelines could change at any time and if they do, you will be notified. If at any point you have questions, please email Laura Allen, 4-H Agent, at laura_allen@ncsu.edu.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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