Registered and Placed Mysterian Art 2016
Bringing art to Mysteria? Is it large? Please let us know about it so we can be sure that your art has a place to go! Interested in sharing your work in the Burn This Booklet and on the Transformus website? Fill out this form and we will help get your descriptions hammered out for Burn This Booklet, the web site, and get your art placed as well.

Priority placement registration closes April 27th. Registration ends May 31st. After this point you are still encouraged to bring your art, we just will not be able to place it or get the description into Burn This Booklet

Please email with any questions.

What is the title or name of your work of art, piece, or installation?
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What is your burn name?
Your answer
What is your legal name?
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Email address?
Your answer
Is this independant art, grant art, MAD art or a project of a Theme Camp?
If it is a Theme Camp Project, please list the Theme Camp in the Other field
Woud you like your email address or your web site added to your description?
If yes, please include here
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Full description
Your answer
Synopsis for web overview
If you would like us to shorten your above description check that box, otherwise check Other, and fill out a concise web description
BREIF description for Burn this Booklet
If you leave this blank, we will consolidate an appropriate description from your full descritpion. If you would like to write your own, please keep it short, space is limited and we might still edit if necessary. Please keep it under 5 sentences. Space is extremely limited
Your answer
Placement- Where does your art live?
Do you have a place where you're putting your art? Does it live within your theme camp? Do you need City Plannings help to get your work placed? We can't promise you it will go exactly where you have dreamed of, but City Planning will do it's best to fulfill your fantasy.
Your answer
If it is a larger installation, please describe physical placement considerations?
How big is it? Can it be dispalyed on a hill? Are there many smaller pieces? Is it interactive? Would it fit in an apple orchard?
Your answer
Can your art make us hurt? Hurt so good!
Is anything about your work potentially dangerous or will it require more work from rangers, fire saftey, etc. Registering your fire art here is NOT the same as receiving permission to bring it on site and use it. Fire and flame effect must be approved by the Fire Response Team, Please contact for that
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What is your plan for LNT and packing your art in and out of Mysteria? Also, be aware that no cars are allowed BACK on the property until Sunday after noon
Your answer
Is it gonna burn?
Do you wish to burn your art as part of our art during Sundays art burn? If so, please let us know, and let us know how big your art is.
Your answer
Is this a flame effect or art involving fire in any way?
What this art piece's region of origin?
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