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Our founder, Nik, is also an Upwork coach, he trains freelancers on how to scale their Upwork profiles from a newbie to a top-rated freelancer in less than 3 months. 

Especially how to attract regular high-paying clients without wasting connects.

He has a Top Rated Plus profile on Upwork, consistently hitting 6-figures income annually.

In his own words: 

"It took 8 years for me to finally figure out Upwork.

I spent months struggling to land jobs, getting rejected multiple times, and spending sleepless nights working for dead cheap rates just to get 5-star reviews. 

Slowly stumbled my way up and finally figured out how to land the premium clients.

Now, I choose which clients I want to work with and I also get invited to high paid jobs occasionally.

I started sharing my Upwork strategy with some of the freelancers I worked with and they started seeing drastic improvements in their Upwork profiles in less than 3 months!

I am talking literally 0$ to 5000$~9000$ in months!!

I realized it need not take 8 years if you already have a proven path to go from a newbie to a top-rated freelancer. And it works irrespective of the domain, as the framework is Upwork specific not domain specific.

It can be done in months, 3~6 months on average depending on the willingness of the freelancer.

Of course, takes commitment and hard work... 

As they say, only 3% of freelancers on Upwork make the most money, while the remaining 97% make close to nothing!

Sadly, it is true, most of the freelancers are lost or have no clue how to land quality clients consistently on Upwork.

That's why I started UBB, to try and help as many freelancers as I can..."

He recently conducted a masterclass sharing his strategy, he calls it the UBB Framework.

Would you like to check it out?

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