Digital Analytics Industry Survey - 2019
This anonymous survey is designed to understand the current industry status of digital analytics amidst the broader digital environment. The data will be available to the public as an open source dataset for anyone who is interested in analysing it. Feel free to contact us if you find anything interesting and want to present your insights at the WAW Sydney meetup.
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What industry your current organsation is in? *
How many people are working for your current organisation? *
Does your current organisation have physical shops and branches? *
How big is the digital team in your current organisation including tech and business? *
How big is your digital analytics team? *
What are the functions your team covers internally?
What are the functions your team outsources to agencies currently?
What are the functions your team is looking to build in 2019? *
Does your team apply Agile approaches such as stand-ups, iterations etc? *
Which part of the business does your team report to? *
What are the functions your role covers? *
Which kind of tasks did you spend the most of your time on in the last 3 months? *
How many years have you been in digital related roles in your career? *
How many years have you been in digital analytics in your career? *
How do you learn digital analytics? *
Which areas you are planning to learn in 2019? *
What level is your current role? *
What kind of working arrangement you are in? *
What salary level is your role in (base, excluding super)? *
Which state or country you are in? *
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