Moodboards Quiz 1
Make sure you have done the Key Learning before you attempt this quiz.
At what stage of the production process should a moodboard be produced?
1 point
Which of these groups is NOT an audience for a moodboard?
1 point
Which of these are reasons to produce mood boards *
6 points
Good reason
Not a good reason
As a visual tool to help develop the look of a project
To quickly share ideas about the project
To test ideas for a product design with members of the target audience
Show ideas for colour schemes or fonts to use
To see what the final product will look like
To get an idea for the feel of a product
Which of these items could be added to a moodboard? *
6 points
Could be added
Would not be added
The layout for a product
One way to get a physical moodboard on to a computer is to:
1 point
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