Birthday Party Hall Hire & Games Request Form
The Pfadfinder scouts offer hall hire and birthday party host help, as a way to do something nice for Spielwelt members and to raise funds for scout activities and camps. Your party package money goes towards hall hire and directly to the two scouts who help you host your party. The scouts can then use that money to pay their way to Jamborees and other camps.
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Party games and theme
To help us plan, which games would your child like? (You may not get all these, and you might get some extra bonus games, but just to give you an idea.)
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What we provide
You will be allocated two Pfadfinder scouts aged 12 and up to help run your party.

Prior to the party start time the Pfadfinder scouts will arrive 45 minutes early to:
Set up the tables and chairs for your young guests.
Put up any decorations you provide.

During the party, they will:
Help welcome guests, and direct them towards you or your birthday child
Run games for the children, in between any meal or cake times.
Observe the young party guests, and alert you or another parent to any first aid or upset child issues.
During the meal/cake, help you to serve food.

After the party, they will stay on for about one hour afterwards to:
Clear away and wipe tables, and stow the tables and chairs again.
Take down decorations, and return these to you.
Wash the dishes.
Sweep the floor.
Tidy up after the games, and return the hall to its normal state.
Lock up the hall, turning off any lights, air con, heating.

Parent making the booking
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Terms and Conditions
I am aware that payment is due one week prior to my event. My payment includes hall hire, the use of the kitchen, fridge, oven, microwave, and the provision of supervised games for my child and their invited guests.

Payment can be made to the Pfadfinder bank account:
Name: Scouts Aust ACT Pfadfinder
BSB: 032 778
Account: 334067
Amount: $150 for 2-hour party; or $223 for a 3-hour party
Reference: PARTY [insert child's first name]

I understand that it is my responsibility to provide food and drinks, and any decorations and little gifts for guests, that I would like to have at the party.

I understand that my child and my guests remain my responsibility at all times.

I confirm that I am the parent listed in the request form, and I agree to the terms and conditions above. *
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