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Mentors are very important part of any Rails Girls workshop, for those that have never done this before, it is very simple.

Each mentor gets roughly 2-4 participants to mentor. Usually, we start with Try Ruby (http://tryruby.org/) and a few exercises in Ruby, followed by Rails Girls Tutorial (http://guides.railsgirls.com/app). The participants will also have to follow some simple guide to implement HERE's mapping API's into their app as the extra step which is compulsory for all participants to register for a developer account and then the mentor's will guide them on how to add it into their app. All the teaching materials for mentors will be sent out at least a week before the event.

Remember, as a mentor you can always modify the flow based on your participants. Sometimes we have people that are real beginners and sometimes participants already know the basics.

In any case it is a very interesting experience and we need your help!

Big thanks!

Official Rails Girls KL page: http://railsgirls.com/kl

Have questions? Email us at hello@railsgirls.my

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