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Day 1 - Morning: General Assembly Welcome and updates
Day 1 - Afternoon: General Assembly
Day 2 - Morning: Cultural Routes Training
Speaker: Stefano Dominioni
Speaker: Carolina Clarke
Day 2 - Morning: Crossing Routes session
Twinnning of Sites - Christiane Baum (ERIH)
Via Francigena Facebook Live events - Elena Dubinina (Via Francigena)
Youth Initiatives in other Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe - Carolina Clark
International Hanseatic Days - Stefanie Bischof
Day 2 - Afternoon:
Great Spas of Europe - Paul Simons
Bathrobe Addicts - Eric Brut, Marion Vansinge & Léa Lemoine
European Heritage Alliance - Lorena Aldana-Ortega
European Tourism Manifesto - Iulia Niculica
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