Surprising English eTwinning Project Evaluation
Did you feel involved in the project from start to finish? *
How was the communaciton and collaboration between the project partners? *
Did you use any new Web tools during the project? *
Which, if any, of these would you use again to support your teaching or in future eTwinning projects?
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Did your pupils enjoy the project? *
Did the project allow for individual creativity? *
How helpful were the project coordinators? *
How well did the project meet its goals/aims?1.To enhance students' motivation in terms of learning English as a foreign language 2.To arouse students' interest in learning English 3.To make use of the students' sense of wonder 4.To make the children work in groups and produce materials for their friends 5.To make the learning process more surprising and funnier 6.To develop students' communication skills 7.To improve students' language skills 8.To encourage the students for peer learning 9.To make the students use ICT. *
Which activity do you like best? *
Would your school be positive about a follow-up project? *
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