BVIRC Volunteer Application Form
This application form will be submitted to the BVI Red Cross as part of the registration process to become a Volunteer.
Please state your name
What is your date of birth?
Please state your gender
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Please state your telephone number.
Please state your email address.
What is your home address?
What is your nationality?
What is your current occupation?
What areas in the BVIRC would you like to Volunteer your time in?
When are you mostly like free to Volunteer your time?
Please be advised that during your venture as a volunteer here with us at the BVI Red Cross, you maybe photographed at various events and functions. With your consent, the photograph may be reproduced and used in the newspaper, brochures, our website, presentations and Social Media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.Do I have your consent to use your photograph to reproduced and released for media use?
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Name and Number of contact person in case of an emergency.
What is the relation between yourself and your emergency point of contact?
I certify that the above information is true and correct and consent for the Red Cross to record in their database for reference.
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