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We're so glad that you're interested in leading a workshop here at theCO! We're open to these covering a variety of topics that cater to the community we're fostering here including creative, tech and entrepreneur focused content. Please fill out the information below.
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What should your workshop be called? *
Keep in mind that people should hear the title and be interested enough to read the description. They should also have a good idea of what the workshop is about, based off of the title. Also, we might make a suggestion regarding the title -- we want you to look good and your workshop to succeed!
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What is your workshop about? *
Please be sure to include key takeaways
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Minimum/Maximum number of attendees *
Do you have a minimum number of people you want to have at the workshop to make it worthwhile? What about a max number?
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What dates are you available to give the workshop? *
We are currently scheduling for a Spring & Summer Workshop series (ideally April - June)). Are there any dates/times that would work best for your workshop? Keep in mind some workshops might be best on a Saturday, or some better during the week. Also, some workshops might be best spread across 2 dates.
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Why are you qualified to give this workshop? *
aka a tiny bio about you
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What equipment or setup will you need? *
Is there anywhere specific that you'd like to have the workshop here at theCO, any special technology you'd need? If supplies need to be purchased do you have any recommendations about brands or sources?
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How much should it cost? *
We want all workshops at theCO to have a fee, to further establish their value but we also don't want the fees to be crazy high. If you require specific supplies for your workshop either we can purchase those and your proceeds would then be minus supplies and theCO's 25% fee, or you can purchase them and then we will give you the total fees collected minus our 25% fee. Even if no supplies are needed, please let me know the fee you'd like to charge (and again, theCO will keep 25% of the fees collected).
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