2017-18 2nd semester Hansamo Application
Please fill out this form for each child who is participating in Hansamo activities such as Samulnori, Dance, Samgomu, Newsletter, Web, PR team.
Please make sure the name of your child is his or her legal name, not a nick name.
The name listed will be used for your child's award.

Contact us at 강석주(president@hansamo.org) for Hansamo
오재웅(jaeoh@hansamo.org) for Newsletter team
오연수(performance@hansamo.org) for Performance(Samulnori, Dance, Samgomu) team
임지정(pr@hansamo.org) for Web/PR team

Email address *
Did you resister a Hansamo member at www.hansamo.org? *
All announcement/information/news/.... will be broadcasted through www.hansamo.org in the future. Please register your name/email in www.hansamo.org and also ask your child to register as well. The email address in this form has to match the email you registered at www.hansamo.org
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Parent Phone Number *
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What school and grade is your child in this semester? *
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Is your child in Hansamo Samulnori team? *
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Is your child in Hansamo Samgomu team? *
Is your child in Hansamo Newsletter team? *
Is your child in Hansamo Web team? *
Is your child in Hansamo PR team? *
If you are not a Hansamo officer or a room parent currently, are you interested in becoming Hansamo officer in the future? 
If yes, please send an email to president@hansamo.org with the short description about what you can do
Please review the Parent/Student agreement form and agree? *
Do you need a financial support to pay for Hansamo membership or to pay for student activities? *
If yes, please send your tax return from last year to finance@hansamo.org. Hansamo board will review those documents and contact you. Hansamo membership fee has been $20/year since 2012 but it will go up to $100 from September/2018. All of Hansamo team(samulnori/dance/newsletter/pr/web/samgomu) has different fee amounts, based on the team activities.
Any suggestion/opinion for Hansamo?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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