We Rise Mag Model/Cosplayer Submission
Up And Coming Talent,

Are you in the entertainment industry, a model, music artist, photographer, cosplayer or an athlete etc. and would like some exposure. We are here to help, we can't discover everyone but you can still be featured in We Rise Mag. Allow us to showcase you and let others get to know who you are.

We Rise Mag was created to showcase, promote, and give exposure to many up and coming talented individuals. We look to help everyone with the talent and desire to develop in the industry. Models, Makeup artist, Music artist, DJ's, Producers, Photographers etc., this could be your opportunity. Make your name and face known by many. Let We Rise Mag help you follow your dreams.

Step 1. Fill out this submission form
Step 2. Submit photos (that meet our guidelines- http://www.werisemag.com/grace-our-pages ) to interviews@werisemag.com
Step 3. Fill out and resend Q&A once you receive it.

Minor Release Form - http://bit.ly/wrmminorrelease

Free - 1 Page spread : Consist of 3-5 questions and up to two photos.
$40 - 2 Page spread : Consist of 6-8 questions and up to four photos.
$75 - 3 Page spread : Consist of 10-12 questions and up to six photos, bio, links/contacts and a We Rise Mag T-Shirt.
$100- 4 Page spread : Consist of 12-14 questions and up to ten photos, bio, links/contacts and a copy of the issue and a We Rise Mag T-Shirt.

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If purchasing a paid spread follow link to make payment http://bit.ly/1aqjpMh
Model Release Agreement *
I state that the images that are being provided to We Rise Mag are licensed to me and I hereby authorize WE RISE MAG to use, reporduce, and /or Publish these photographs without compensation. I authorize a one time use in return for my name and my photographers name being part of the spread they are used for. This material may also appear on the WE RISE MAG website and facebook fanpage. I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished produce, including written or electronic copy, wherein my likeness appears.
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