Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) VSSD College, Kanpur invites you to participate in the 'National Level Faculty Survey on Online Teaching and Learning'.
As the COVID-19 pandemic has led to massive educational institutes closures, many colleges have taken measures to limit the disruption to education, necessitating a move to online and distance learning.
Although distance learning offers obvious advantages for both teachers and students, such as continuity, flexibility, and mutual support, many teachers have had to adjust to online teaching owing to the necessarily short notice. On top of that, it is difficult for teachers to ensure that all pupils, especially the disadvantaged and young ones, will stay engaged and take part in classes online. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), VSSD College invites you to participate in an online survey.
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Can online education provide the same benefits as F2F teaching?
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If we oppose online teaching and learning, do we have any better option to continue the process of education? If yes, kindly mention.
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I have a computer with the internet or am able to get access to one easily on a regular basis. * *
Which of the following factors contributed to your decision to teach or design an online course? *
Do you think professors should be trained before teaching online? *
Do you like new technologies which may require new approaches to learning and problem-solving? *
In your opinion, what have been the main challenges for teachers in switching to online/distance learning? *
In your opinion, due to the current circumstances created by the COVID-19 virus, when colleges fully reopen, will online/distance teaching remain part of school practice? *
Students aren't formally prepared to study virtually, but they will easily learn. *
If colleges remain shut down physically, the pressure on institutions will grow to actually design and build online tools as effectively as they can. *
I would risk my life but will not accept online teaching and learning. *
The institution must have a contract with a company that provides assistance on creating and managing online programs, *
I am not an expert in online teaching but I am enjoying learning it and will be able to do it with a little help. *
Will online teaching create occupational/ Health hazards?
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During the COVID Era, teaching methodology should remain.
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Any other suggestions?
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