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Before we move forward, a word on the value of my service; Ms. Franciska - Shake UP Your Content is a tailored content repurposing service. I create fresh, relevant content while making sure your brand voice & expression is ALWAYS present in every newly created piece of content. We never want to lose YOU in your content because simply - it is ALL YOU. *
More... I am a member of YOUR team, an extension of your biz if you'd like. As mentioned, my service is tailored, with no automation, no templates, rather hard work, lots of listening, dedication, skill, & knowledge. With that said, the minimum spend is $175 a week for repurposing YOUR content, and we will break it down more on our call. Does this fit your budget? *
If you answered yes to the question above please continue filling out the form. If you answered no then please do not feel discouraged. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for weekly video tips on content repurposing. IG & FB snippets. Also, be on the lookout for blogs and pssst I just might dish out a podcast down the line. Let me know if you'd like me to keep you in the loop. *
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