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Dear Applicant
Please read the form carefully and fill the required information.

By signing this form by ticking it, you are agreeing terms and conditions of the courses provided by InClinition, India. Your admission will not be confirmed unless you pay the fees and then you will receive email from us after the same.

After Submission of this form, please send your self attested documents on following address (within 15 days time)
Attn: Dr. Amrit Karmarkar
S2 and 3, Shri Devdoot CHS,
Near Bhoir Gymkhana, Mahatma Phule Road,
Dombivli West - 421202, Dist. Thane,
Mumbai Area, Mahatrashtra, INDIA
Tel: 0251-2400397 / 7208893250

For More Information:
Dr. Amrit Karmarkar
Director - InClinition
Tel: 7208893250

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Declaration: I hereby declare that the information provided in this form is true and complete in every detail. I acknowledge that InClinition reserves right, at any stage, to vary or reverse any decision regarding admission given based on incorrect or incomplete information. I am fully aware of the conditions relating to my application as mentioned in the terms, conditions, and code of conduct and I agree to fully abide by them. *
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Terms and Conditions of the course
I hereby specifically undertake to accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as containted hereunder and all the other terms and conditions as detailed in prospectus, application form, student handbook, rules and regulations of InClinition (hereinafter called as institute) which have been read and understood by me and acknowledged hereby signing these terms and conditions.

I have seen and read all over the prospectus and course content and am fully satisfied, I agree that Inclinition reserves right to change, amend, add, alter, modify and/or delete the same at any stage of course as it may deem proper and I shall not have any claim, grievance, right and demand in this regard.

I have understood that in case of violation, indiscipline, etc; InClinition shall have right to rusticate; prevent me from appearing or attending any class or I may be asked to repeat year to present for re-registration as a student. Authorized person under grounds of discipline or poor academic attendance and / or performance may take this action.

That since I have duly registered with institute and by signing these terms and conditions and the institute on account thereof has reserved seat which institute will not allocate to any other student and will have to incur costs including fixed costs like lease rental, faculty and administrative salaries and other fixed expenses which it will not be able to recover in case I after registration desire to withdraw/discontinue from the course for any reason whatsoever and as such the institution will suffer loss in that regard and therefore I shall not be entitled to refund of any fees for any reason whatsoever.

I agree that all fees are subject to change without notice at the discretion of management of institute without assigning any reason whatsoever. Taxes levied by any government body will be additional over and above the fees charged.

In case cheque is dishonoured by bank due to any reason, I will be liable to pay sum of Rs. 2000 as processing charges along with fine of Rs. 100 per day and any other charges by Reserve bank of India and Govt. of India’s regulations.
I understand that InClinition is not affiliated to any other awarding body. InClinition is approved as member of QCI, Govt. of India. InClinition is approved member of International Association of Distance Learning (IADL), London, UK.

For MSc and MBA courses, InClinition is acting as facilitator of Texila American University, South Guyana, All financial risks are liable to students and Texila only. InClinition is not responsible for the same.

I shall be entitled for the PG Diploma only after successfully passing in the relevant exams and submission of projects/thesis, etc. and I shall not claim PG Diploma as a right merely by paying the fee for the course.

Institute based on policies set up is offering the present course. However, in case of any change in government policies, rules, regulations, notifications, enactment any loss/damage due to closure or disruption of activities of institute or conducting of courses of institute caused by any industrial action, government action, fire, flood, riot, natural calamity, change of law and regulation force majeure, terrorist activity or for any other reason whatsoever beyond or not in the control of institute which disentitle institute from offering the said course, no amount of fee will be refundable, nor shall the institute of its personnel be liable in any manner nor shall they be liable to pay, in anyway, any compensation to student.

In case of adverse government policies on the course being offered, through acts of parliament, state legislation, govt. bodies of India or any other body in world which may lead to affect awarding of PG Diploma, institute is not responsible for any acts of god or vagaries of nature affecting the awarding of PG Diploma and no refund of any sort will be applicable in such instances. The jurisdiction of this agreement will be heard only in court of law in city of Kalyan, Dist. Thane, MS, India.

I agree that ragging is strictly prohibited in all campus of institute and erring students will be subjected to law.

Institute will not be responsible in any way whatsoever for performance of student in any examination/job/interview/extracurricular activities, etc. Institute is not responsible in any way for ensuring job/placement of any nature whatsoever, while institute cannot take responsibility of giving job or placement to student, institute will endeavour to organise interviews and give written request in this regard to prospective employers at appropriate time. However, recruitment of candidate shall solely depend on performance of candidate at such interviews and institute shall not be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever. Students below 80% attendance will not be provided any placement assistance.

I understand that if I fail the course modules, I will reappear examinations by paying fees of 500 INR per module.

That I have approached institute at Dombivli, Dist. Thane and have agreed to be imparted education and this agreement is being completed by signing of same by officials of institute at Dombivli and therefore, it is mutually agreed that courts of Kalyan, Dist. Thane, MS, India shall alone have jurisdiction to try and entertain any dispute arising and/or concerning this agreement.

That institute at present is operating from the venue communicated by institute officials is likely to be same during entire course duration. However, student shall not have claim, right and interest to continue at same venue to any other location without assigning any reason whatsoever to student. The student in no circumstances will be entitled to claim refund of fee for the period, which he/she has already undergone, studies at institute.

I declare that the information provided by me in this form is true and complete in all aspects.
I acknowledge that InClinition reserves right, at any stage, to vary or reverse any decision regarding admission given based on incorrect or incomplete information.
I am fully aware of the conditions relating to my application as mentioned in the terms, conditions, and code of conduct and I agree to fully abide by them.

I agree the above terms and conditions of the course. *
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