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Since 2016, more than 250 Australian students have benefitted from New Colombo Plan Short Term Mobility Grants to learn in India with IndoGenius. Due to the current travel restrictions we are now excited to launch our innovative one-of-a-kind virtual study course.

Students are able to complete this exciting course AND also apply to visit India once travel resumes. Students from 18 Australian Reimagining India consortium Universities are eligible for NCP Grants for both the virtual and physical tours. All participating institutions offer routes for credit approval subject to successful completion of the courses.

Please complete this short application (~5mins) to express your interest in our courses.
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Terms and Conditions
By applying for Reimagining India 2021, I acknowledge the following:

• That my application will be reviewed by my home institution in accordance with its mobility admissions procedures.
• That I may or may not be accepted.
• If accepted, I may or may not be awarded the New Colombo Plan scholarship.

If receiving a scholarship:

• I acknowledge my scholarship has been awarded by the Department of Education;
• I consent to the disclosure of my personal information to the Department of Education (DET) and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for the purposes of this scholarship;
• I understand that if DET and/or DFAT disclose my personal information to an overseas recipient:
I. the overseas recipient may not be bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and/or subject to any privacy obligations;
II. the Department of Education and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will not be accountable under the Privacy Act should the overseas recipient breach Australian Privacy Principles; and
III.  Australian Privacy Principle 8.1 will not apply to the disclosure of the information; and
IV. I consent to the disclosure of my personal information to the overseas recipient on this basis;
• I can obtain more information on the way in which the DET and DFAT manage my personal information, including full privacy policies at or or by requesting a copy from the department concerned;
• I understand that if I withdraw I will be required to return the scholarship in full to CQUniversity Australia, who is the administering consortium lead.
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