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SESSION 3 Workshop 1: "Challenging presentation needed?" By Ulrike Lang, State and University Library Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky

Chair: Jadranka Stojanovski
Date: Aug 21, Wednesday
Time: 10:00-11:00
Print Room, Second Floor

Description: You are a specialist with all competencies needed in your daily work. But do you like to present the results and developments to a local, national or international audience?The workshop will try to find out if there are any tricks to attract people to listen and participate at a workshop or discussion table. We will discuss what we can do if something is running totally wrong? And how we can make our presentation more memorable. An extra focus will be on international communities and the intercultural aspects we have to keep in mind. The participants will get also some hints to deal with the public if it is “difficult” and to help increase their own skills.

SESSION 8 Workshop 2: "Self-Assessment Tool for Skills Management" By Anne Kakkonen, Helsinki University Library

Co-Chairs: Gillian Hallam, Jasenka Pleško
Date: Aug 21, Wednesday
Time: 14:00-15:00
Print Room, Second Floor

Description: This workshop is based on a workshop model created in Helsinki University Library in a project, the aim of which is to develop the skills management and to create tools to help both the managers and the staff to create professional development programs and personal development plans in order to maintain the staff performance in relation to institution’s mission and goals. The workshop presented is an easy and cost-effective way to help library professionals to make a self-assessment of the skills and knowledge needed in their work and to determine possible gaps that exist between the needed skills and the skills they possess. To conduct the workshop, all that is needed is a flip chart paper, some post-its and a marker pen for every attendee. On the first phase of the workshop, every attendee will create their own map of needed skills in relation to their job description. The skills will be assessed with two dimension: the frequency of use of the skill and the needed level of the skill. On the second phase, the attendees will assess their own level of skills in relation to the needed skills.

The presenter will act as a facilitator of the workshop. As a result of the workshop, the attendees will have an increased understanding about the skills they need to develop in order to succeed in their tasks. They will also be able to use the model in their own workplaces and to work as facilitators of the workshops.  I recommend that when conducting these workshops in workplaces, they will be linked to a discussion with the manager or a team leader. Discussions help the manager/team leader to get a broader perspective of the skills required in his/her team. That information can then be used to create staff development programs and personal development plans. During the discussions, the manager can also assess whether the view of a staff member about the needed skills is in line with the institution’s mission and goals, and if not, the discussion gives an opportunity to find a mutual understanding. The information gathered in the workshops and discussions can also be used in a recruiting process: determining the job description and needed skills, choosing the people to be interviewed and creating interview questions.
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