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User's Acknowledgement
For my safety, I confirm that my dealer checked and tuned my bicycle before delivery. (If you are unsure, please ask your dealer before continuing.)

My dealer showed me all the information in the Important User Advice{}, and I now understand how to properly use and maintain my bicycle. The advice covered folding & unfolding my bicycle, using the Folding Joints and Quick Releases, operating the Brakes and Gears, checking my bike before each ride, monitoring for Tyre and Rim wear, and servicing my bicycle. If I have further questions, I will ask my dealer or refer to the documentation that came with my bicycle.

To ensure my own safety and improve the longevity of my bike, I understand that I am responsible for having a qualified bicycle technician service my bicycle on a regular basis. I will check my bicycle before each ride, and only ride in safe weather and light conditions.
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