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Attendance Protocol
All LWMB students are expected to attend the two-week training camp held in June. These two weeks provide students with the fundamentals they need to be successful for the whole season, and help us prepare for the July 4th parade.

In regards to scheduling conflicts, June is the most flexible time of the season. However, families should make every attempt to schedule vacation around these two weeks to avoid conflicts. Vacation and/or scheduling conflicts should be communicated to the Band Directors as soon as possible, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

All LWMB students are expected to attend the entirety of the two-week band camp, held in late July and early August. It is during these weeks that we begin to learn the competitive production. It is essential that all students be in attendance during this time.

If a LWMB student misses MORE than TWO DAYS of band camp rehearsals, the student will not be included in the first and second movements of the competitive production.

A student in attendance during the school day is expected to be at rehearsal that afternoon.

A student with an undocumented or documented absence from the school day will be excused from rehearsal for that day only without penalty. If a student goes home ill during the day via the school nurse, that will also be considered an excused absence and will not result in penalty.

A student who feels ill at the end of the school day must still attempt to attend rehearsal. If it is found by the staff that the student is not able to participate, they will be sent home.

Weekday Rehearsals
If the student has one unexcused or two excused absences from rehearsal within a one-week period, they will not be allowed to march that weekend.
3 unexcused absences from any rehearsal will result in removal from the LWMB.

Saturday Rehearsals
A student with an unexcused absence at any Saturday rehearsal will not be eligible to participate in the next competitive performance.

Excused absences will not result in penalty.
One unexcused absence will result in removal from the LWMB.


The following reasons will be considered “excused” absences and will not result in penalty:

Weddings/Funerals of family members
Medical emergencies
All standardized or school testing
Student illness as stated above
Court Appearances / Family Affairs

The following reasons will be considered “unexcused” absences and will result in penalties:

Work / Employment
General doctor/dental appointments
Hair Appointments
Attending concerts of any kind

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