Digital Learning Day 2019 Video Contest Sign Up Form
Digital Learning Day 2019 Video Contest: Description, Rules and Guidelines
Digital Learning Day Purpose:
Celebrating and highlighting the use of technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience. To learn more about the national Digital Learning Day event, go to

Arkansas Digital Learning Day theme:
“Students Creating Media for Online Learning”

General description of rules and guidelines:

1. Students will create a short video teaching or demonstrating content from a grade-level standard or favorite school program/activity. The overall goal of this event is to allow students to work through the process of creating digital content that can be used to teach other students around the state or around the world.

2. All work from planning, production, editing, etc. should be student led to the extent possible – teachers are allowed to facilitate and direct the project as needed.

3. Videos should not exceed 5 minutes in total length.

4. Content must be considered appropriate for the K-12 educational environment, however, videos can be about virtually any topic students are interested in. This event is not necessarily centered around a particular classroom topic, event or technology.

5. Refrain from using any copyrighted materials or resources in the video. Things such as logos, music, art, photographs, etc... must have the owner’s permission to be used. Original music, art, photographs etc.… are acceptable.

6. Videos should not identify students by First and Last names or by associated school district. Using aliases instead of names is acceptable, as long as they are appropriate for K-12.

7. Fill out release forms for all students and adults that are in the video. Parents/legal guardians of students that are under 18 years of age must sign their child’s release form. It is the responsibility of the individual school district to ensure that all release forms are correctly assembled and submitted to the Online Media Content and Grants Coordinator. Please be sure to identify your school/classroom and include the title of the video with the release forms.

8. Upload completed video to the Google shared folder created for you by Donnie Lee, Online Media Content and Grants Coordinator. This folder will be created and shared after you have completed the sign up form.

9. Contest is open to Arkansas public schools only.

10. Deadline for submission is February 4, 2019.

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