Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad Ride Along Program
Hi, thank you for your interest in CARS! We are pleased to have you participate in the ride along program. The ride-along program is intended to allow members of our community the opportunity to observe the delivery of emergency care within Charlottesville and it's neighboring counties. We hope that your experience observing at CARS is a great one and that it helps you decide if you would like to follow the path of becoming an EMT!
Shift Scheduling
To schedule a ride along, please email with three dates/times you are available.

Below are the shifts that our current volunteers run at CARS. We please ask that when choosing a date to do a ride-along, that you choose a date where you could fulfill the entire 12 hour shift. A segment of the shift will not offer you the complete experience. Ride-alongs are also welcome to do Saturday's 24 hour shift, or do either the day (0600-1800) or night portion (1800-0600) of the shift. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to shift starting (ex: shift starts at 1800, arrive at 1745; ex: shift starts at 0600, arrive at 0545)

Sunday-Friday Day Crew Shifts: 0600-1800

Sunday-Friday Night Crew Shifts: 1800-0600

Saturday: 0600-0600 (next day, 24 hour shift)
Dress Code
You are expected to dress in navy blue polo/T-shirt, long, navy blue pants, and closed toe black shoes/boots. However, you may dress in a white dress-up shirt, long khaki black/brown pants, and closed toe, brown/black shoes. Think professional! If you are an EMT student, please wear your provided EMT shirt.

You are NOT allowed to wear hats or any clothing with a sizable logo on it or shoes with bright colors, sandals, flip-flops, or any kind of open-toed shoes. Scrubs are not permitted.

You are NOT allowed to wear jeans, shorts, or sweat pants. For females, you also are NOT allowed to wear dresses, skirts, and tights/leggings.

Avoid wearing perfume/cologne as patients may be allergic to them. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. You should be able to have a range of motion as EMTs may have to be able bend their knees, kneel on the ground, and etc. for prolong period of times.
When You Arrive...
When you arrive, the crew captain of the shift will make sure that you have completed this ride along packet as well as the HIPPA agreement form.

Please let your crew captain know of any dietary restrictions that you may have. CARS provides breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner depending the timing of the shift. You are more than welcome to bring your own food!

Once the crew captain assigns you to a truck, help learn how to check out the ambulance trucks with crew members. This always occurs after the beginning of new shifts and after calls that require a lot of equipment. This will help you better understand the equipment we carry as well as where these items are located. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions about what something is or how we use it!

During your shift, not only will you have the opportunity to talk to our members about their experiences but you also will be able to do your homework, access the internet, watch TV, as well as nap or sleep when there are no calls to answer. (CARS provides beds, blankets, pillows, and bed sheets.)
No alcohol or drug consumption for at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled ride-along. This includes prescription drugs that may cause drowsiness or impair the ability to drive or operate machinery

While on a call, you are expected to act appropriately (No horse-playing. No cursing!). You may be asked to assist the attendant-in-charge (AIC) and the driver (If you are not comfortable doing something when asked, do not be afraid to verbalize it!) or just observe. Please refrain from asking questions about a call until the call has ended. Please do not talk about irrelevant topics in the presence of the patient. In addition, do not answer questions from family members or bystanders; refer them to the AIC or driver and do NOT interfere with patient care. You are expected to maintain patient confidentiality as defined by HIPAA.

You are expected to wear a seat belt at all times when the ambulance is in motion unless directed otherwise by the AIC and do not wander off/away from your crew members. They are responsible for your well-being and it adds unnecessary stress to the situation they have to deal with or manage

The on-duty crew captain or duty officer has the right to send you home if deemed necessary for whatever reason. They also retain the right to deny you the opportunity to ride-along as they deem fit, without prior notice.
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