Mundesley MUGA - Individuals / Families Questionnaire
The Mundesley Multi Use Games Area is nearly complete and will be opening soon. The new facility will have times for "Open Access" (just turn up and use) or "Booking Slots" to ensure you have exclusive use.

The MUGA is a tarmac sports court (37m x 21m) with permanent Football goals and Basketball rings for "Open Access". Netball posts and Tennis nets will be stored in the locked storage area but are available for "Bookings Slots". The facility also has floodlights that can be used for just £2 per hour.

Mundesley Youth & Community want to make sure the facility is used by individuals / families as well as community groups so for 2015 all bookings will be FREE.

To find out the interest in "Booking Slots" we are undertaking two surveys one to Groups and one to INDIVIDUALS / FAMILIES. The below questionnaire is for INDIVIDUALS / FAMILIES so please take a few minutes to complete 10 short questions by Mon 15th Dec.

1. Contact name and email address?
Can be left blank if you wish to remain anonymous.
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2. Are you interested in using the MUGA?
(If NO please go to the end and click submit)
3. Would you like to use the MUGA for "Open Access" or "Booking Slots"?
(Please one or more of the options)
4. What type of activities would you like to see available?
(Please tick one or more of the options)
5. What type of activities are you interested in taking part in (Children or Adults)?
(We need this information so we can provide the right type of activities for adults or children)
General Play
Adults Female
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Children Female
Children Male
6. Would you be interested in forming a new group/sports club?
(If yes please give any details of age group, sex, sports, dates, times etc)
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7. Are you a qualified coach/instructor who maybe interested in supporting a new group/sports club?
8. If Yes please provide more information about your coaching below?
(Qualifications, First Aid etc)
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9. If you know of any local groups/sport clubs that may want to use the MUGA please provide any contact details below?
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10. Questions / Comments
Please feel free to add any comments or questions and we will get back to you asap
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