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Kentucky is a state rich in tradition and pride that has much to offer the world. Our people deserve to live in a state that provides opportunities for prosperity and the pursuit of happiness to everyone. Businesses can and should drive our efforts towards these goals in our state, counties, cities, communities and neighborhoods.

When they’re at their best, Kentucky companies are taking good care of their people by providing more than a paycheck. They’re providing their customers with services and products they can trust—Kentucky-style. They’re treating our communities well and helping them grow. They’re making sure the landscape we’re all so proud of stays clean and accessible, for now and for future generations. And they’re financially successful and transparent in their dealings.

Every Kentucky company has something beyond a job to offer to the greater good and every company can reduce harm in some way. The more companies we have in Kentucky that embrace these ideas, the stronger our state will become—and the more our people will prosper.

While each Kentucky business has its own unique purpose, its own culture, its own set of challenges, its own neighborhood and community, we share a set of common beliefs and commitments that, we believe, will contribute to a better future for Kentucky.

Our Beliefs

We believe our economy is an ecosystem made up of people working with people and, when it’s at its best, people caring about other people, the planet, and the future.

We believe that Kentucky businesses and Kentucky people have much to offer the national movement towards good business.

We believe that by creating a Kentucky-based movement, we can more efficiently utilize our shared resources towards positive change.

We believe that economic development strategy must include social and environmental considerations.

We believe that businesses can and should help solve some of our toughest problems.

We believe that to address racial injustice, we must be actively anti-racist.

We believe that the more people we uplift through employment, the more problems we’ll solve and the better off we’ll be now and in the future.

We believe that people who are treated well at work are more likely to contribute to a companies’ success and to the greater good.

We believe that safe and healthy work environments lead to sustainable, successful companies.

We believe that hard work should be rewarded and that working hard is harder for some.

We believe that success isn’t limited to financial wealth.
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