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Hello everyone! We are thrilled that you are interested in auditioning for Tommy! This show promises to be an Amazing Journey for everyone who is involved. First thing you need to do is forget everything you think you know about Tommy. With one of the strongest and most creative production teams imaginable, we will be telling this story in a visually vibrant and stylistically unique way. Some things that will help you prepare for your audition:

Listen to the show. I would like to suggest the original Broadway cast recording but there is a lot to gain from listening to The Who’s album and who’s to say you won’t be inspired by something else that’s out there. Listen to it all if you can.
Read through the character descriptions and understand the ranges if you are auditioning for a particular role.
We will be double casting the following roles:
Tommy adult
Tommy 10
Tommy 4
Mr. Walker
Mrs. Walker
Ernie (possibly)

The Acid Queen will not be a member of the ensemble. If you are auditioning for the Acid Queen, you will have just that one song on stage and you will not be involved in the rest of the show.

ALL: for auditions please choose 16 measures of a song that you believe showcases your rock and roll assets. This is a rock opera and we will be listening for healthy singing in that style. Consider other rocks operas/concept albums: Jesus Christ Superstar, Ziggy Stardust, Quadrophenia. Please remember though, this is not karaoke. You need to be prepared to sell this song as an actor and storyteller.

You will be dancing in your audition so wear comfortable (not slippery) shoes and flexible clothing.
This is going to be an extremely high energy show. Your audition should radiate enthusiasm and creativity.
Everyone can plan on being called to 3 rehearsals a week through the month of February, increasing to 4 rehearsals a week from March until opening. The schedule will depend on the conflicts of the actors. You will get your February schedule at the first read through on Monday, January 28th.

Auditions will be held January 21st and 22nd in the lower level of OTP from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Callbacks, if needed, will be Wednesday January 23rd.

Character Breakdown

Mrs. Walker
A middle-class woman. Mrs. Walker starts out optimistic and grows frustrated from trying to care for and cure Tommy. Tommy's mother and Captain Walker's wife.
Gender: Female
Age: 25 to 40
Vocal range top: D6
Vocal range bottom: G3

Captain Walker
A former soldier with lingering guilt. He murders his wife's lover after coming back from a POW camp, resulting in Tommy's trauma-induced blindness, deafness, and dumbness. Father to Tommy and husband to Mrs. Walker.
Gender: Male
Age: 30 to 40
Vocal range top: C#5
Vocal range bottom: F3

Uncle Ernie
A priest and alcoholic. Mrs. Walker’s brother who cares for her in Captain Walker’s absence and initially is invested in helping cure Tommy but as his alcoholism takes hold and he is marginalized by the family’s focus on Tommy, he spirals. He molests Tommy and later runs a children's camp seeking to profit from Tommy's popularity. Mrs. Walker's brother and Tommy's uncle.
Gender: Male
Age: 30 to 45
Vocal range top: Bb4
Vocal range bottom: G2

A young man stricken deaf, dumb, and blind after a childhood trauma. Tommy’s experience of the world is through pure sensation which makes him naturally gifted at pinball, and later he becomes a cult-like hero figure to masses enthralled by his story. Captain Walker and Mrs. Walker's son.
Gender: Male
Age: 18 to 25
Vocal range top: B4
Vocal range bottom: Db3

Cousin Kevin
Uncle Ernie’s son. Raised without a mother and jealous of the family attention towards Tommy and his own father’s preoccupation with caring for his sister and her family. A bully and ring-leader with sadistic tendencies. Tortures his cousin, Tommy, when they're young and later seizes the opportunity to profit from Tommy's success.
Gender: Male
Age: 18 to 25
Vocal range top: B4
Vocal range bottom: Ab2

A brazen drug dealer and prostitute. Tommy's parents bring him to the Gypsy to experiment with unusual cures.
Gender: Female
Age: 25 to 35
Vocal range top: F5
Vocal range bottom: G3
Vocal range top: F4

Sally Simpson
A bold, sensitive, and excitable teenybopper. Sally develops a fan crush on Tommy and rushes the stage to be close to him.
Gender: Female
Age: 15 to 20
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: F3

Ensemble Lead #1
Officer #1, Lad #1, Hawker
Gender: Male or Female
Vocal range top:
Vocal range bottom:

Ensemble Lead #2
Officer #2, Lad #2, Harmonica Player
Gender: Male or Female
Vocal range top:
Vocal range bottom:

Gender and Age unspecified
Soldiers; Nurses; Harlots; Lads And Lasses; Guards; Reporters

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