WDFOA - Rules Quiz: Week 1 (2019)
Question 1
As a free kick is made, two K players are more than five yards behind their free-kick line. *
Question 2
During the down, A1 is noticed to have a tooth and mouth protector that is only covering the upper, front teeth. *
Question 3
Following the ready-for-play signal and after the snapper has placed a hand on the ball, B1 breaks the plane of the neutral zone, but manages to retreat out of the neutral zone before the ball is snapped. *
Question 4
A2 is lined up behind quarterback A1 within the free-blocking zone. As A1 drops back to pass, A2 blocks B1 (who was in the free-blocking zone at the snap) below the waist. The block by A2 occurred in the free-blocking zone. *
Question 5
A free kick by K1 is touched by R1 on R's 15-yard line and then the ball rolls out of bounds at R’s 5-yard line. *
Question 6
A period shall be extended by an untimed down if which of the following occurred during a down in which time expires? *
Question 7
A punt by K1 goes high and beyond the neutral zone. R1 attempts to catch the ball, but the ball bounces off of R1's helmet and onto the ground. K2 recovers and advances for a touchdown. *
Question 8
A free kick by K1 from K's 40-yard line bounces out of bounds on R's 18-yard line untouched by R or K. Which of the following is NOT a correct enforcement for this play? *
Question 9
A1 throws a forward pass beyond the neutral zone to eligible A2, who pushes off of B1 while the ball is in the air, and interferes with B1's opportunity to move toward, catch, or bat the pass. *
Question 10
A free kick by K1 lands on R's 7-yard line, bounces and hits R1's leg, and rolls into R's end zone where K2 recovers. *
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