SUPERFAN! Room Application
If you are accepted, there will be more details to iron out, but please give us this first bit of information so that we may select a good grouping of SuperFan Rooms.
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Name of group/individual applying for SuperFan Room? *
These rooms are most often run by fan groups, but it is not uncommon for enthusiastic individuals to set up a room.
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Contact email? *
We will need to contact you when you are accepted to run a SuperFan Room!
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Name for the SuperFan Room?
Your room needs a name so we can promote your room in the program!
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Fandom you intend to share/promote?
Technically, there is no 'requirement' for a particular fandom in any given fanroom, but traditionally you might choose to theme your room and grab the attention of like minded fans.
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Short description of what you intend to do?
You don't have to be elaborate or even have an exact plan at this stage. We'd just like to know what sort of activities you intend to organize so we can possibly promote your room in the program :)
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Are you willing to accept finical responsibility for half of the room cost and the whole cost of any incidentals/damages incurred in the room? *
Con-Jikan has requested a hotel block of 5 rooms, and is willing to share the room cost with our excited fans (split 50/50). Expect to pay ~$109 for the room (plus tax). Additionally we will not take responsibility for any additional charges that show up on the bill, so take care of your room.
Have you read the SuperFan Room Guidelines and accept the responsibilities of running your room? *
These are meant to be a fun party of sorts, but there is still a certain amount of responsibility you will be taking on in running one of these room. If you haven't read it through please go to to review the basic guide lines. And be sure to reach out to us if there is anything you are unsure about.
We will be reviewing the forms as we receive them. At the moment there is no cut-off date for submission, but we will try to respond when we have made our decisions. Best of luck!
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