East Social Emotional Survey (Panorama SEL)
This survey measures student supports and the school environment in which students are learning.
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Who is your teacher?
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How well do people at your school understand you as a person?
How much support do the adults at your school give you?
How much respect do students at your school show you?
Overall, how much do you feel like you belong at your school?
How respectful are your teachers towards you?
If you walked into class upset, how concerned would your teachers be?
When your teacher asks, "how are you?", how often do you feel that your teachers really want to know your answer?
How excited would you be to have your teachers again?
How often do your teachers seem excited to be teaching your classes?
How fair or unfair are the rules for the students at this school?
How positive or negative is the energy of the school?
At your school, how much does the behavior of other students hurt or help your learning?
How often are people disrespectful to others at your school?
How likely is it that someone from your school will bully you online?
How often do your worry about violence at your school?
If a student is bullied in school, how difficult is it for him/her to get help from an adult?
How often do students get into physical fights at your school?
Is there an adult at your school who you trust to go to if you have a problem?
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