綠能教育駐「英」「臺」 "Education for a Sustainable Future"

綠能教育駐「英」「臺」 "Education for a Sustainable Future"

-- The sustainable campus design for the future generation, a dialogue between Taiwan and England.


Brought by the Program of Future Imagination and Creativity in Education and DFC Taiwan, the headteacher Richard Dunne from the U.K. will talk on eco-friendly life and green education with the architect Kuo Ying-Chao. With their first-hand experiences in fields of education and architecture respectively, the speakers will also share their visions and creativity toward a sustainable future. We welcome you to join this wonderful dialogue and take actions for the future of our planet!

講者介紹 / Speakers:

理查.鄧恩(Richard Dunne)

英國薩里郡愛旭麗小學 (Ashley Church of England Primary School in Surrey)校長,也是DFC在英國的主要響應者。理查熱愛旅遊探險,曾經親身前往南極體驗當地的生態環境。因深受他所見所聞的衝擊,而回到英國在自己的學校內感動全校師生,不僅全校重新改造學校建築設計,增加透光率,以減少無謂的電力能源消耗;更鼓勵學生透過各式各樣有創意的行動,鼓勵大家一起來節能減碳,改變現況!

Mr. Dunne is the headteacher in Ashley Church of England Primary School in Surrey, and he is also one of the founders of Design For Change in England. He enjoys going on different adventures and once he traveled to Antartica - that experience changed his life and his students dramatically. He shared what he saw in Antartica and the whole school began to think and act in a sustainable way creatively - what happened? What did he say? Let's find out in his amazing, humorous speech!

郭英釗 Ying-Chao Kuo

「九典聯合建築師事務所」主持建築師、中華民國第十二屆傑出建築師。郭建築師對於「綠建築」的信念與執著,帶給臺灣建築領域不同的新樣貌。近年代表作品有:今年度由美國知名網站票選全球最美的25家公立圖書館之一 的北投圖書館及令人津津樂道的花博夢想館、未來館及生活館。郭建築師對於文化及教育的重視,也讓他在替八八風災摧毀的高雄那瑪夏區民權國小設計新學校時,結合了他堅持的「綠建築」概念,更揉合當地特色及原住民文化,以期給孩童們一種到另一個「家」去上課的感覺!

The world-famous green architect, Mr. Kuo, truly believes in building houses and schools sustainably. He has built the famous Beitou Library and the Pavilion of Dreams in the Taipei Flora Expo. He also finished building one of the most eco-friendly schools, Namasia Mincyuan Elementary School in Kaohsiung. The school has been designed and built to give children the best possible future. Why does Mr. Kuo want to consider sustainablity as one of the most important elements in his architecture? Let's find out in his most inspiring speech!

演講場次 / Time and Venue:

北部:8/24 (五) 19:00 - 21:00 (18:20 開放進場)

Taipei : August 24th, Friday, 19:00-21:00 (Admission starts at 18:20)

場地:國立師範大學文學院區 誠101教室

Venue: National Taiwan Normal University - College of Liberal Arts - Classroom Cheng 101


162, HePing East Road, Sec. 1, Taipei

南部:8/25 (六)19:00 - 21:00 (18:20 開放進場)

Kaohsiung: August 25th, Saturday, 19:00-21:00 (Admission starts at 18:20)

場地:高雄市立圖書館 中興堂

Venue: Kaohsiung Public Library - Chung-Hsin Hall


MingSheng 2nd Road., Qianjin Dist.

[理查校長全程英語演說 提供同步中譯] Interpretation Service Provided.

費用:兩場演講皆免費入場 Free Admission



If you need to rent the interpretation transmitting device, please prepare your own ID and a fee of 200 NTD. If you are a student with a vaild student ID, then you can have a 50% discount on the rent.

報名網站 / Register here:http://bit.ly/KVhd42


研習代碼:北區場1099385 南區場 1099387

主辦單位 / Curated by:

- 社團法人臺灣童心創意行動協會 Taiwan Youth Creative Action Association

- 國立政治大學未來想像與創意人才培育計畫 總計畫辦公室

The Program of Future Imagination and Creativity in Education

協辦單位 / Assited by:(以下依照筆劃多寡順序排列)

- 台達電子文教基金會 Delta Electronics Foundation

- 社團法人中華民國荒野保護協會 The Society of Wilderness

- 財團法人多元社會教育基金會

- 高雄市立圖書館 K aohsiung Public Library

- 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系(未來想像與創意人才培育中程計畫─啟航計畫辦公室)Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, NTNU

協力宣傳 / Promoted by:(以下依照筆劃多寡順序排列)

- iEARN (台灣國際教育資源網學會)

- TEDx Taipei

- 台灣導盲犬協會 Taiwan Guide Dog Association

- 金車教育基金會 King Car Education Foundation

- 研華文教基金會 Advantech Foundation

- 高雄市教育局 Education Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government.

- 高雄市立海青高級工商職業學校 Kaohsiung Municipal Haiching Vocational High School of Techology and Commerce

- 親子天下雜誌 Parenting Magazine

什麼是DFC - What is Design For Change?



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