Refund request form (Valid until Oct. 8th, 2020)

Due to Covid-19 and the bans by the Dutch government, we had to postpone Schoonebeek Deathfest to September 4th, 2021. All tickets remain valid for the 2021 edition!

This postponement is obviously a huge headache and will lead to a loss of money for us. We are just a couple of passionate underground promoters that wanted to bring you another kickass festival, but this change is the only way that would make it possible. We truly appreciate your support and understanding during this difficult time.

A lot of people are going to ask their money back from the tickets they bought. This, of course, is the first thing that comes in mind when a festival or concert is canceled/postponed. But please read this:

If you do not work in the underground festivals, it might be difficult to imagine how hard people have to work to make it happen. In reality, it’s a part of life for us (on a voluntary basis) and it keeps us busy for a great part of the week, next to our fulltime jobs. We do this with tons of passion though!

Producing a festival is very expensive. With that in mind: imagine what would happen when we have to pay back all the money we’ve earned on tickets. That would be a complete disaster and we won’t survive for another year.

We don’t want to be cry babies, but please think twice when asking your money back for the ticket(s) you've bought. Make sure we can all stay proud of our little festival!

So please consider a part of your refund as a donation at the bottom of this form. Thank you!
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Of course, you have every right to ask for a refund. But the sad reality is, if everybody's going to do so, there will not be much headbanging left next time. We've worked our asses off (voluntary) and had a lot money invested in bringing you the most awesome festival within our possibilities. We are a 100% DIY festival. That's what makes SDF unique, that's what makes the community, the visitors, our volunteers, you, so great! But that also makes us very vulnerable in these crazy and unpredictable times. Please keep that in mind when answering this question.
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