Heading Home Leadership Circle & H4A
What is the Heading Home Together Leadership Circle (HHTLC) and how did it come to be?

The HHTLC began with a short term and long term goal in mind. In the short-term, the Circle was formed in acknowledgment of the face that Minnesota would be electing a new Governor and various groups working to end homelessness wanted to create a stakeholder group that could protect our collective work during a change to the Administration. We created an expanded circle to include more stakeholders to collectively own a statewide plan to prevent and end homelessness.

Our longer term goal is to accelerate our progress to prevent and end homelessness by a cross-sector circle of leaders working together towards the same goal.

Please answer the below questions to ensure we adequately represent Homes for All within the Leadership Circle

Q1) Who in your community is working on equity in actionable, effective and inclusive ways?
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Q2) Where is more information and discussion needed as it related to Question 1?
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Q3) What do you think is the best and highest use of the Leadership Circle?
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Q4) How would the Leadership Circle need to organize itself in order to rise to that calling?
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Any other comments?
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