Social Innovation Lab at Johns Hopkins University: 2018-19 Cohort Application
The deadline to submit this application was Monday, October 1st, 11:59pm Eastern, and we will no longer be accepting applications for the 2018-2019 program year. For more information about SIL and to stay in touch for when we re-open our application in August 2019, please visit
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Select all that currently apply to you and your team members. Please note: no JHU affiliation is required to submit an application to the Social Innovation Lab and all applications will be given equal consideration.
If you or any of your team members are affiliated with JHU, indicate the school(s) and department(s). Please note: no JHU affiliation is required to submit an application to the Social Innovation Lab and all applications will be given equal consideration.
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Names of team members (if any)
For each person listed, include whether they are: Community member, JHU undergraduate, JHU graduate student, JHU fellow/resident/post-doc, JHU faculty, JHU staff
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Note: the term "venture" is used loosely to describe a project, program, product, service, business, or non-profit.
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Please note that, if selected, The Social Innovation Lab will use this name in promotional materials. Please double-check accuracy and type exactly as you would like to see it promoted.
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Which of the following applies best to the venture? *
Our application process assess how well SIL's services will be able to support participating ventures, and a strong match helps ensure a productive cohort experience.
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What is the problem the venture addresses? *
Describe the problem and why it's important.
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Describe the venture's approach and how it works. *
Describe specifically how your approach/product works
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What is unique and innovative about the venture's approach? How is your approach different from existing solutions? *
Describe what makes this different from other programs or products that already exist to address this problem
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What have you accomplished so far? Can you identify what impacts you have had in addressing the problem stated above, any partnerships, potential customers, champions and supporters, or other progress? *
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How much funding has your venture secured? *
Include all types of funding including grants, donations, sales, investments, etc. from any source.
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What is it about your background (and the background of any team members) that puts you in the best position to build this venture? *
Describe what makes you qualified or ideal to address this problem in the way you propose; include any relevant work experience, education, training, research, life experience, etc.
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How do you anticipate (1) collaborating with existing non-profit, for-profit, or government organizations in this space; and (2) engaging the community(-ies) you seek to serve in your work? *
What partner organizations are important to your work? Please note whether these partners are committed to your work or important to the future, but not yet committed.
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If you are selected, what do you hope to achieve by April 2019? *
Describe your goals for the venture between now and April; be as specific about your short term plans as possible.
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What do you anticipate will be the biggest challenge(s) in achieving these goals? *
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What are your aspirations/goals for the venture? If you expect to continue operating indefinitely, how do you plan to sustain your impacts over time? *
Be specific. Describe your long-term vision for your project. How do you intend to sustainably operate your venture? If you require further resources, describe how you plan to secure any of the following: donations, grants, sales, earned income, etc. If you anticipate earned revenue, please describe how you will be able to generate revenue to support your work.
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