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Celebrate Thanksgiving at Meatland.

Making Israel your home needn't mean sacrificing treasured family traditions.

And there's none people hold more dear than Thanksgiving.

Meatland helps you celebrate this heartwarming holiday by carrying a wide stock of essentials needed for serving up an authentic Thanksgiving meal.

Our kitchen team - now expert in preparing Thanksgiving dishes to remember - helps further ease your load with a select range of best loved dishes to cater a complete meal, or fill in the gaps.

Please note that the final day to place orders is Thursday November 21st 2019.
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Frozen Turkeys:
Prefer to roast your own turkey? The best results are dependant on taking home the very best bird. Our superior quality turkeys are plump and flavorful. Sold whole and generally ranging in size from 5 to 9kg.
NIS 39.90 per kg.

Please note that, while we try our best to provide turkeys at the requested weights, sometimes this is not possible.

If you are planning on roasting your turkey on Thursday, we recommend taking it home to begin defrosting with plenty of time to spare. A 5-7 Kg turkey takes 2-3 days to defrost completely in the fridge, or 5-8 hours immersed in cold water (the water will need to be changed every 30 minutes), so please plan accordingly.
Frozen Turkeys
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CHICKEN: Made using whole chickens for maximum flavor, with just the right balance of vegetables., this is Jewish penicillin at its absolute best.
ROASTED BUTTERNUT: This year we're proud to deliver a trio of orange Autumnal soups, starting with this classic winter warmer. Butternut squash is roasted to perfection before being added to caramelized onions and garlic and seasoned with a secret blend of herbs and spices.
CARROT & GINGER: Why not go for a slightly more exotic option with this subtly Thai take on a carrot soup? Infused with fresh ginger, garlic and coconut milk, this is the definition of comfort in a bowl.
CLASSIC SWEET POTATO: There is a very good reason that this soup has been on our menu without change for so long. A blend of sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot with subtle undertones of curry and ginger. The classic orange soup made better at Meatland.
CAULIFLOWER & LENTIL: A soup kkithcne newcomer that's an instant sellout. sunshine bright, this flavourful soup includes cauliflower and protein-packed red lentils, aromatic spices and a non-dairy creamy appeal.
ONION: Packed with caramelized onion flavor, and made even better with the addition of grated cheese when serving milky meals, this French-inspired classic makes a fragrant change from our everyday soup selection.
SPLIT PEA: Made only in the winter months and well worth the wait.
MINESTRONE: We can barely meet customer demand for this perennial favorite. Packed with a medley of diced vegetables, tomatoes, Italian herbs and pasta, this is the perfect starter for a family feast, or a great light meal all by itself.
MUSHROOM & BARLEY: Family-friendly mushroom and barley soup is packed full of fresh mushrooms, carrots, celery and tender barley. This soup is doubly filling and super satisfying.
SUN DRIED TOMATO: Dairy-free, but super creamy in flavor, this sun-blushed tomato soup is simply delicious served hot or cold.

All soups are NIS 39 per litre.
Roasted Butternut
Carrot & Ginger
Classic Sweet Potato
Split Pea
Mushroom & Barley
Sun-Dried tomato
WHOLE ROAST TURKEYS: We use only the finest and plumpest turkeys which are basted with citrus, honey and warming herbs and spices then oven-roasted to golden perfection. Turkeys are sold as whole birds and your order includes a large tub of gravy.

Please note that due to oven space we can only accept a limited number of roast turkey orders, so order promptly to reserve your bird. We also require a deposit of NIS 100 on whole roast turkey orders.

Roasted turkeys are made fresh on the morning of Thanksgiving and can be picked up on Thanksgiving day before being gently reheated for dinner. NIS 89 per kg.

WHOLE ROAST CHICKENS: Catering for less at your Thanksgiving table but still want to present a beautiful bird for carving? We've got you covered with our famous roast chickens. Just like our turkeys, these come with a tub of gravy and are yours at NIS 79 each.
ROASTED TURKEY DRUMSTICKS: Another small crowd saver, this delicious option is spiced as per the whole turkeys detailed above. NIS 79 per kg.
SLICED TURKEY BREAST IN YOUR CHOICE OF SAUCE: Tender slices of roast turkey in your choice of gravy, robust garlic and honey or (for Thanksgiving only) tangy cranberry sauce. NIS 120 per kg.
CHICKEN SCHNITZEL: Coated with crumbs containing a secret spice blend and fried to golden perfection, our schnitzels are especially enjoyed by our junior diners. NIS 125 per kg
LEMON & HERB GRAVY: Find plain turkey a little bland? Worried your turkey will be dry? Avoid these Thanksgiving mishaps with this utterly irresistible homemade gravy made using fresh parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, lemon zest, garlic, and homemade, fortified stock. Go for gravy at NIS 29 per 1 litre tub.
CARAMELIZED ONION GRAVY: Want something a little darker and sweeter? Try our caramelized onion gravy with natural sweetness and a generous handful of chopped parsley for freshness. NIS 29 per 1 litre tub.
Whole roasted turkey with gravy
Whole roasted chicken
Roasted turkey drumsticks
Sliced turkey in cranberry sauce
Sliced turkey in honey garlic sauce
Sliced turkey in gravy
Chicken schnitzel
Lemon and herb gravy
Caramelized onion gravy
Side Dishes:
ARTISANAL CRANBERRY BREAD: Deliciously festive, studded with cranberries, and distinctly artisan style yours at NIS 25 for family-sized loaf.
ARTISANAL WALNUT & CRANBERRY BREAD: just like our original cranberry loaf, but with the added crunch of walnuts. NIS 25 each.
TRADITIONAL HERB STUFFING: Sometimes simple really is best. Seasonal herbs, sauteed onion and celery, homemade crusty sourdough bread and our fortified stock for maximum flavor. NIS 59 each.
BUTTERNUT & CRANBERRY STUFFING: Also made with our crusty sourdough and fortified stock, but with an added hit of festive favorites. NIS 59 each.
SWEET POTATO MASH WITH PECAN AND WALNUT PRALINE TOPPING: A delicate and creamy sweet potato mash with a dash of maple and a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg, topped with brown sugar and chopped nuts. NIS 55 each.
ROSEMARY & GARLIC ROAST POTATOES: golden morsels of potato, cooked with fresh rosemary, sea salt and whole garlic cloves until aromatic with tender fluffy insides and deliciously crunchy outsides. NIS 55 per large tray.
ROAST VEGETABLE MEDLEY: a mix of seasonal vegetables, roasted to perfection with a touch of olive oil and a secret blend of herbs to make your mouth water. NIS 59 per large tray.
VEGAN SWEET POTATO LOAF WITH STREUSEL TOPPING: Enjoy your vegetables in loaf form as you slice into this sweet crumble with deliciously sugar 'n cinnamon streusel crunch topping. NIS 35 each.
AUTUMN WILD RICE: Boring side-dishes get sidelined at Thanksgiving. Here, this mix of wild 'n brown rice is sweetly studded with fruity goodness, toasted seeds and a sweet 'n spicy dressing. NIS 29 each.
MUSHROOM, ROOT VEGETABLE & HERB BARLEY SALAD: a satisfying mix of roast mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted root vegetables, fresh herbs and pearl barley. NIS 29 each
HOMEMADE CRANBERRY SAUCE: made from scratch, without all the added sugar and preservatives of the canned version, our cranberry sauce is sweet and tangy with just a hint of citrus. NIS 20 for 500ml bottle.
HOMEMADE APPLESAUCE: granny smith smith apples are slowly cooked with autumnal spices and a touch of maple for the perfect Thanksgiving condiment. NIS 20 for 500ml bottle.
HOMEMADE CRANBERRY & CINNAMON APPLESAUCE: made the same way as our classic applesauce, but with the addition of cranberries and an extra hot of cinnamon. NIS 20 for 500ml bottle.
POTATO KUGEL: this adaptable side dish is a staple of the kugel collection and a welcome addition to any meal. NIS 55 each.
CARROT KUGEL: cinnamon spiked and naturally sweet, there has never been a more appropriate time for our carrot kugel. NIS 55 each
LOKSHEN KUGEL: baked egg noodles in a creamy parve sauce with plumped raisins and a cinnamon sugar topping. NIS 55 each.
Artisanal cranberry bread
Artisanal walnut and cranberry bread
Traditional herb stuffing
Butternut and cranberry stuffing
Rosemary and garlic roast potatoes
Roast vegetable medley
Sweet potato mash with pecan and walnut praline topping
Vegan sweet potato loaf with streusel topping
Autumn wild rice (750ml)
Mushroom, root vegetable and herb barley salad (750ml)
Homemade cranberry sauce
Homemade applesauce
Homemade cranberry and cinnamon applesauce
Potato kugel
Carrot kugel
Lokshen kugel
Parve Sweets & Desserts:
PUMPKIN PIE: Just like Mom used to make....only better. Delicately spiced with cinnamon and our signature pumpkin spice blend. NIS 79 each.
PECAN PIE: what Thanksgiving meal could be complete without the perfect pecan pie? Certainly not ours. NIS 89 each.
LATTICE TOPPED APPLE PIE: why mess with perfection? apple pies are a crowd pleaser for any festive table. NIS 79 each.
APPLE AND MIXED BERRY PIE: made just like the classic, but with a mix or raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and a kiss of ctirus. NIS 79 each.
CLASSIC CHERRY PIE: bright and luscious cherries are cooked to bursting before being topped with a shortcrust pastry and baked until flaky and golden. NIS 89 each.
CLASSIC BLUEBERRY PIE: a pie that delivers exactly what it promises...bursting with blueberry goodness brightened with a hint of lemon zest and baked in our favourite shortcrust pastry. NIS 89 each.
BROWNIES SLAB: a dessert classic, serve with ice cream, chocolate sauce or straight up. Extry fudgy as all good brownies should be and made as a full slab to slice to your chosen size. NIS 49 each.
APPLE SPICE CAKE WITH BROWN SUGAR GLAZE: for a slightly lighter option at the end of a heavy meal, try this moist cake loaded up with fresh apples and seasonal spices then glazed in a sticky and glossy brown sugar syrup. NIS 59 each.
Pumpkin pie
Pecan pie
Lattice topped apple pie
Apple and mixed berry pie
Classic cherry pie
Classic blueberry pie
Brownies slab (20cm x 20cm)
Apple spice cake with brown sugar sugar glaze
Parve Ice Creams & Sorbets
A wide selection of parve ice creams and sorbets to fulfil your every dessert fantasy. Our frozen desserts are made without eggs or soy. Most of our flavors are made without gluten (excluding Lotus and Vanilla Cookies) although they are produced in an environments which contains gluten. Creamy, dreamy and utterly delicious. NIS 26.90 per tub.
Mint choc chip
Vanilla cookies
Rum and raisin
Ferrero roche
Lemon mint sorbet
Mango sorbet
Forest fruits sorbet
Store Essentials:
Don't forget to stock up on festive essentials from our store shelves on your way.

These include:
Frozen turkey breast (rolled)
Canned pumpkin
Cranberry sauce (either whole berry or jellied)
Marshmallow fluff
Mini marshmallows
Graham cracker pie crusts
Graham crackers
Dark and light corn syrup
Pumpkin spice
Range of sweet pie shells in assorted sizes

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