How Dat Works readthroughs
Hello! I’m Duncan, the person who wrote How Dat Works. Would you be willing to read through it with me, in person, to help improve it for future readers?

Some of the best feedback I get is the small stuff you only notice in person. You don’t need to be technical or a programmer for this to be useful, in fact in many ways it’s better if you’re not! This guide is intended to be interesting and accessible to people from a variety of backgrounds, especially people who would not typically be into reading how an internet protocol works.

I would really like to read this for the first time with you, but if you want to read it online now or have already read it then that’s no problem.

If you’re willing to spend about an hour or so (we don’t have to read the whole thing) and are located in New Zealand please get in touch. I would love to meet with you over a coffee, beer or pizza!

Thank you!

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