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If hiring one of our gazebos or bringing your own, please specify the size of gazebo. If you need a custom size, please select Other and let us know details of your requirements. Please note that the minimum pitch size is 3m x 3m with a fee of £40 and we can't offer discounts for having a table only.
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Will you be bringing one of your own gazebos or do you want to use one of our gazebos?
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Please tell us more about your planned activity. We need enough information to be able to decide if the activity is appropriate for our event. You may wish to send some photos to
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If you are a food or drinks retailer please confirm you will email my hygiene certificate to
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If your proposed activity requires a risk assessment please confirm you will email it to
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Do you intend to use nitrous oxide in any capacity in the supply of food, drink or other products or services during the event? (Nitrous oxide can be used legally, usually for whipped cream, but as it is also an illegal substance to consume we have to ask this question as part of our due diligence. If you answer "Yes", we will simply ask you for some more details about how you use nitrous oxide.)
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By clicking on submit, you confirm that you agree to our terms and conditions and you understand that your request for a stall may or may not be accepted. You are also confirming that you have read the information at the top of this page including the letter from Birmingham City Council and relevant parts of the accompanying Trading Standards document. Please forward your Public Liability Insurance to If you are a food or drinks retailer, please forward a copy of your hygiene certificate to
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