War Robots Video Creators Program
Hello Commander! We are happy to see you willing to join our Video Creators Program! If you have a YouTube channel where you actively and frequently publish War Robots videos, you have come at the right address.

To join the program fill in this form and wait for confirmation email to arrive to the address you provide within 24 hours. Be sure the Player ID you provided matches the Player ID in your best video's description/tags — this is required to verify your ownership of the channel.

If confirmation did not arrive in 24 hours, your channel might not yet be eligible for the Program or channel ownership verification did not go through. Check this article for more details on Program, including reward tiers and ways of resolving potential issues: https://warrobots.com/en/posts/314

Keep up the good work with video making! We appreciate your contribution to making War Robots YouTube a fun, diverse and educative space for the global community.
Player ID *
6 characters. We will use this ID to send you in-game rewards for your channel rank. Make sure to copy paste it from game menu to avoid mistakes. The ID you include here should match the ID provided in your best video's info (see below).
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We will be using this email to inform you on your status in Program and provide you with updates on the Program itself.
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We will verify your ownership of this channel by checking if your player ID is in the description/tags of the video you provided below.
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IMPORTANT! Make sure your player ID is included in this video's description or tags. Else we cannot verify your channel and register you in the program. The ID you include in this form and ID in the video data must match.
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This will allow us to add you to closed Discord channel where you can collaborate with us and other video creators once you reach a certain rank
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