West Valley Volunteer Hose Company's 34th Annual Sportsmen's SUPER Raffle Survey
Please take a moment to complete this short survey and help us to improve our raffle.
How did you hear about the WVVHCo. Sportsmen's SUPER Raffle? (choose ALL that apply)
How many of our raffles have you attended in the past?
How many OTHER raffles do you typically attend in a year?
Overall, how would you rate our raffle EVENT?
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How many 2018 raffle tickets did you purchase?
Where did you purchase your ticket(s)? (choose ALL that apply)
Overall, how would you rate our raffle TICKET?
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Describe one thing that you believe would make our $10 ticket more attractive:
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Are you a WVVHCo Sportsmen's SUPER raffle winner (including past years)
Are you a currently registered ticket seller?
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If you would like to be contacted personally by a member of our Raffle Committee please fill out your complete address, phone number, and email below.
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What additional CONSTRUCTIVE feedback would you would like to share with us?
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Due to the changing times we are examining all aspects of our raffle. If we were to increase our ticket price to $15, with the same prize list, do you think you would be able to sell as many tickets?
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